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JR Hotel Group

Sophisticated hotel lodging designed by Hotel Granvia

JR West Hotel’s new “Vischio” brand hotel emphasizes accommodability with a sophisticated modern urban flair.
“Vischio” is Italian for mistletoe, a plant that is considered sacred and a source of happiness, safety, and good fortune in Norse mythology.
The name is meant to express our desire to provide a relaxing, refreshing atmosphere for travelweary guests.


Guests in both the hotel and the restaurant are welcome to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi services.
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Special Dinner for Guests

Take advantage of a special dinner set available only to hotel guests.
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Halal Breakfast

The halal breakfast bento boxes offered at the “Verde Cassa”
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Rejuvenate yourself in a luxurious guest room

Guest Room

Perfect for all travelers—from overseas visitors to long-term business travelers and families.
Choose from our wide selection of accommodations.

Comfort Twin Room

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Universal Twin Room

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Standard Single Room

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Deluxe Twin Room

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Superior Twin Room

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Moderate Double Room

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Moderate Twin Room

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Standard Double Room

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Vischio Twin Room

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Moderate Single Room

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3B hospitality to be there for customers


The hotel uses a one-of-a-kind original mattress model from Simmons


Bathrooms are complete with natural amenities and carefully selected towels with a pleasantly gentle feel.


The restaurant on the 1st floor offers special breakfasts that fuse Japanese and Italian cuisines.


Verde Cassa offers buffet-style breakfast and lunch, and dinner includes a la carte dishes or party plans.

Visit Drip-X-Cafe for quality drip coffee with a rich aroma extracted one cup at a time.

Italian kitchen “Verde Cassa”

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