Our Concept

Hotel Granvia x Hotel Vischio

Sophisticated hotel
lodging designed by Hotel Granvia

JR West Hotel’s new “Vischio” brand hotel retains all the quality of a Hotel Granvia establishment while emphasizing accommodability with a sophisticated modern urban flair.

“Vischio” is Italian for mistletoe, a plant that is considered sacred and a source of happiness, safety, and good fortune in Norse mythology. The name is meant to express our desire to provide a relaxing, refreshing atmosphere for travel-weary guests.

Experience a relaxing and refreshing space strongly connected to nature, conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from JR Osaka Station.

Experience a relaxing, refreshing atmosphere strongly connected to nature

In addition to aluminum fiber-like louvers representing undulating waves and a wall design closely tied to Osaka’s designation as Japan’s “City of Water”, the hotel entrance includes a collection of trees for a welcoming, relaxing first impression.

The 3 Bs of hospitality


Beds that provide more pleasant comfort


The hotel uses a one-of-a-kind original mattress model from Simmons—the number one bedding company in Japan—featuring unique mattress technology. Each mattress offers a special pillow-top construction with added cushioning with a quilting pattern and material that is gentle to the touch, helping to ensure a good night’s sleep.



Baths rich with amenities and linens for moments of relaxation


Bathrooms are complete with natural amenities and carefully selected towels with a pleasantly gentle feel. Wash away fatigue and relax in a separate bathroom with wash area or a bathroom with rain shower* that gently caresses your body. (* Available only in certain rooms.)



Breakfasts with special tastes from nature


The restaurant on the 1st floor offers special breakfasts that fuse Japanese and Italian cuisines.
The restaurant is also home to the “Vischio Pinsa”, a light pizza-like dish that uses soybean and rice flour—original dishes associated with Osaka—and kiln-baked fresh vegetables that bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients.

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Hotel Vischio Osaka offers a variety of convenient amenities and services to ensure guests enjoy a comfortable stay.

Point 01 Security

Cardkey-operated elevators offer reliable security to travelers.

Point 02 Amenities

In addition to a wide selection of amenities, coffee and other drinks are also provided.

Point 03 Non-Smoking

The entire hotel—lobby, guest rooms, and restaurant—is completely non-smoking with closed-off smoking booths available.

Point 04 TV and VOD

View hotel information, web news, and more in three languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese) on 40-plus-inch TVs in each guest room.

Point 05 Automatic Check-Out Machines

Take advantage of smooth check-out to depart with confidence even on busy mornings.

Point 06 Free High-Speed Wi-Fi

Enjoy high-speed 11ac Wi-Fi capable of speeds up to 6,900 Mbps—almost three times faster than average 11n connections.

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Point 07 Air Purifier/Humidifier, Award-Winning Mineral Water

All rooms are equipped with an air purifier featuring a built-in humidifier, and include Monde Selection 2016 award-winning natural mineral water from Mt. Daisen (available in PET bottles).